Need a Roof Inspection in Raleigh, NC?

At Cavalry Roofing, we recommend an annual roof inspection so our experienced crew can take a close look at your roof’s materials and structural support to see how it’s holding up against the weather. We’re experts at spotting signs that indicate potential issues and making repairs that will save you money over the long run.

Here are some of the chief reasons Cavalry Roof conducts roof inspections:

  • Routine, annual inspections.
  • Leaks coming from the ceiling or walls.
  • Recent storms with high winds and heavy rain impacted a roof.
  • Residents preparing their homes for hurricane season.
  • People selling or refinancing their homes.
  • For new homeowners who purchased a home without a home inspection.
  • When an individual’s insurance company requests a roof inspection.

If you need a professional roof inspection in the Raleigh, NC area, Cavalry Roofing has the experienced staff to provide a comprehensive review of your entire roof structure. If repairs are necessary, we can give you an accurate, free estimate and tackle the job in a reasonable time frame.

Call Cavalry Roofing if you need a roof inspection in Raleigh, NC – 919-888-1906


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