Vinyl Siding Repair Company in Raleigh NC

Vinyl siding Raleigh NC regionHigh-quality products, installation, and prompt service are what set our Raleigh NC vinyl siding services apart from the rest.

Vinyl siding is used to protect the structural integrity and longevity of your home and will defend your home from harsh weather and help to avoid water infiltration. Your home’s siding is not only there to protect your property, it can also be used to increase your home’s energy efficiency and can improve your home’s curb appeal.

At Cavalry Roofing, we are dedicated to providing our customers with premier and thorough siding services which include siding repair in Raleigh NC, siding replacement, siding installation, siding maintenance, and more. We use beautiful, high-quality products from Ply Gem Mastic that are extremely durable and will last a lifetime.

Need an estimate on Siding Repair, Replacement or Maintenance in Raleigh, NC?

Call Chad directly at (919) 888-1906 to schedule your estimate today. Cavalry Roofing is a vinyl siding repair company in Raleigh, NC that provides siding installation and repair in the NC Triangle region.


Cavalry Roofing can assist you with your home’s vinyl siding replacement. One of our siding professionals can provide a comprehensive inspection of your siding to help you determine if a repair or replacement is needed.

Signs you may need to replace your siding include:

Extensive cracks/holes in the Vinyl
Extensive warping
Mold near the seams

If you notice any one or more of these issues, it is best to call in a professional for a full siding evaluation.


One of the many services we offer is siding repair. A Cavalry Roofing expert can provide you with a free consultation and estimate which will help you to better understand the extent of repair that is needed.

Signs you may need to have your siding repaired include:

Cracks/holes in the Vinyl
Light warping in a concentrated area

Staying on top of siding repairs is a great way to maintain your siding and preserve its integrity and longevity. When you need vinyl siding repair in Raleigh NC and the surrounding Triangle region, contact Cavalry Roofing!


The Cavalry Roofing team specializes in navigating the insurance claim process. Our Claims Specialist will work directly with your insurance company and adjuster to guarantee clear communication and a stress-free customer experience from start to finish. The experts at Cavalry Roofing have been trained to work with the insurance adjuster and advocate on your behalf to ensure you get all of the needed repairs covered. Most homeowners don’t realize that they are able to choose their own contractor when they submit their insurance claim. Allow us to help you through your next siding replacement!

Note: We have the ability to work with any/all insurance providers on your insurance claim.


We only use the absolute best products on the market which is why we use Ply Gem Mastic vinyl siding. Mastic siding comes in an extensive array of vinyl colors and styles which ensures you will find a product you will love. Mastic is extremely tough and long-lasting siding and comes with a VIP limited lifetime warranty. It is also eco-friendly and low maintenance which is why it is a pioneer in vinyl siding options!



Cavalry Roofing will work with you to schedule a time for a specialist to come out and inspect your siding. During the inspection, they will identify any issues they observe and develop recommendations. They will, then, walk you through all of your options, help you decide which is best for you, and walk you through the process.


Our experienced installation team will take all proper precautions to protect your home during the removal of the old siding. Then the Cavalry Roofing team will install the new siding with care and precision which will guarantee its durability.


Once the job is complete, the team will do a final clean up to make sure the property is in the same condition they found it in. Then, your Cavalry Roofing Specialist will walk the property with you to review the work and ensure you are satisfied!