Benefits Of Having A Roof Inspection Done After A Storm

inspecting roof after a hail storm

In general, homeowners do not regularly inspect their roof. When they do, they typically do it themselves from the ground. Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home as it is the first line of defense and protects you from the sun, rain, snow, hail, and wind. Professionals suggest homeowners get their roof inspected periodically after it reaches the 10-year mark but especially after you have had a major storm.

Types of storms that should precede a roof inspection

You should consider getting your roof inspected after the following types of storms:


The weight of snow or ice can cause varying levels of damage to your roof and gutter systems. Additionally, when snow melts and refreezes, the expansion from the newly reformed ice can cause shingles to crack or lift.


Hail can wreak havoc on your roofing, gutter, or siding systems. Hail varies from pea size to the size of baseballs, which can cause damage to your shingles and lead to massive leaks.


Strong winds can damage shingles or blow them clear off your roof which leaves the newly exposed area vulnerable to leaks. When not addressed quickly, this water damage can also lead to mold damage, roof rot and more.

Common steps for a roof inspection

Assess Damage

Most damage caused by storms cannot be seen from the ground. A roofing professional will get on your roof and provide a comprehensive inspection of your roof. This will help identify any damage from the storm and catch any problems early which can help you avoid leaks.

Check Shingles and Joints

Some things the inspector will look for include:

  • Cracked/curled shingles
  • Granule loss on shingles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Damaged gutters
  • Small Leaks
  • Mold, algae, and moss intrusion

Roofing inspections can help navigate insurance claims

The most valuable reason for having a roof inspection performed after a storm is that they can identify any issues and aid you in the claims process with your insurance company. A reputable roofing company can help make the claims process easier and work with your insurance company to provide documentation of the damage. They will be able to help you navigate the process and provide you with an estimate simultaneously to help ensure your repairs are covered.

Getting your roof inspected after a storm will provide you with peace of mind, prevent further damage and may even save you money!