damaged roof shingles

Based on our experience we can tell you that unless there’s a leak or damage to a roof, most people don’t pay much attention to what’s really an important structural part of their home.

Regular roof maintenance and inspections prevent small issues from becoming larger and ultimately more expensive to repair. Just remember to look up every once in a while. If something doesn’t look right contact us at Calvary Roofing and we’ll make sure your roof is ready for any weather the Greater Raleigh area has in store.

Here are 5 simple tips to maintain your roof:

Trim tree branches around your roof: A heavy storm or strong winds can bring tree limbs in contact with your roof causing damage to shingles, gutters, and more. If branches look like they are too close to the house they probably are or soon will be. Keeping tree limbs cut back can also help prevent mold or algae from developing.

Do a visual inspection: Generally, you can spot problem areas on your roof without even getting on a ladder. Things to look for include:
• Lifting or missing shingles.
• Damaged drip edges.
• Sagging or broken gutters.
• Buckled, loose, or missing flashing.
• Missing or exposed roof shingle fasteners.
• Piles of granules from the shingle’s outer coating.

Keep your gutters clear: Gutters divert water and debris off the roof and away from your home. If they are plugged with leaves or branches water can back up and damage the roof and fascia. When gutters are backed up rainwater spills over them and can impact the home’s foundation. Sometimes you might see actual plants in the gutters and that means you’ve got a ‘Gutter Garden’ on your hands. This means so much dirt, moss, algae, and plant matter has built up that plants are germinating.

Look for moss and algae: Here in the North Carolina, the heat and humidity create perfect conditions for moss and algae buildup. Having it on your roof can degrade the shingles and shorten the life span of the roof. Trim branches to let the sun in, remove any debris, and make sure your attic is properly ventilated. If it’s not addressed, moss and algae can raise shingles allowing rainwater to penetrate the roof structure.

Schedule annual inspections, regular maintenance: The best way to make sure your roof is in good shape is to get an inspection from a certified roofing company. The experienced crew at Calvary Roofing can spot the signs of damage that homeowners probably won’t recognize. Inspections are also valuable after heavy storm activity to check the status of your roof. Cavalry can also perform annual maintenance to ensure everything from gutters to flashing and even caulking is up to our high standards.

If you need your roof inspected or suspect it needs repairs or maintenance contact Cavalry Roofing at (919) 888-1906. Our professional staff can identify any issues and come up with a plan to ensure every aspect of your roof, from shingles to gutters, is working efficiently to keep your home secure.